Large rental companies can be expensive and inflexible making disposables seem like the only option. We have the ideal alternative.


Reusable cutlery and wine glasses

Rentals for Up to 200 People

Wine glasses
Ball jars
Plates- 6" and 9” round

Beverage Dispenser rentals | Sustain LA

Additional Rentals

Beverage and cocktail glassware
Coffee mugs
Beverage dispensers

+ more

Sustain LA Event Water Station

Event Water Bar

4 easy-to-use spigots allow users to quickly fill their reusable containers

Granular activated carbon filter provides great tasting filtered water

Made of high quality stainless steel

NSF Certified




Review pricing, availability and reserve rentals for your event here. Choose self-pickup or delivery. Return rentals clean or let us do the dishes.

It’s that easy!

We can also help with donation of surplus edible food and composting options for food scraps. Just ask!


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