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Zero waste is a journey. We’ll guide you along the way.

Sustainable Event Planning

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Company + Large Events

The environmental impact of an event can be severe.

Not to worry, Sustain LA is here!

We’ve been providing Resource Recovery and Zero Waste Event Services in the greater Los Angeles area since 2010.





We will work with you during the planning stages to create an Event Sustainability Plan outlining goals, materials, vendor strategies, edible surplus food rescue and diversion from landfill. From there, we work our magic handling the waste management aspects of your event. Day of, our Zero Waste Warrior Team will be on-site monitoring zero waste stations, ensuring event site is litter free, and sorting discards for maximum Resource Recovery. Post event, we provide a Diversion Report highlighting your zero waste efforts with metrics and recommendations for future events.

Plan your next zero waste event with Sustain LA.

Additional Services

  • Zero Waste Consultation - if you’re planning your own Zero Waste event or are outside of the Greater Los Angeles area and could benefit from our knowledge and experience, we are here for you. We offer hourly consultations. Email us for more info!

  • Post-Event Clean Up - we will provide crew and supplies to return the event site to pre-event conditions (or better!)

  • Event Water Bar - the zero waste alternative to bottled water

  • Event Serviceware Rentals - affordable plates, cups, utensils + more for smaller events and staff meals



Event Planning collaboration with Sustain LA.

Zero waste wedding request? Wondering if that eco bash is really eco? Is a client asking for an event sustainability report? We’re here to help! You make it stylish; we’ll make it sustainable.

Before the days of Pinterest >>gasp!<<, we planned and executed our own rustic, DIY, zero waste destination wedding for over 100 people. BuzzFeed has since made a video about our mountain wedding magic- check it out

Behind the scenes or out in front, we can seamlessly support your team, and working together, meet your client’s sustainable event goals.

Party with Mother Nature

  • SLA Consult- You can plan an event in your sleep (and probably do), but how to reach that sustainability milestone is a whole new ballgame (Go Dodgers!). With a one-on-one consultation, we’ll provide the roadmap for how to get it done.

  • SLA Client Collab - Expand on the SLA Consult by bringing us into the process with your client. Face to face, we’ll facilitate clear and attainable goals with a plan of action for success.  

  • SLA On-Site - We’ve consulted, we’ve collaborated and now we are here, day of to support you and your client on this stylish + sustainable day.


We love collaborating to realize the client’s vision!