Sustain LA Helps Silver Lake Jubilee Divert 90% of Trash from Landfill

Thanks to detailed sustainability planning and multiple trash-sorting stations at last weekend's Silver Lake Jubilee...


Los Angeles Times - Serving up sustainability 

Leslie VanKeuren, the former manager of Gingergrass in Silver Lake and now a sustainability consultant, offers some cost-free suggestions...


Leslie VanKeuren, from Sustain LA, is working with SLJ to help design a festival that will have "zero waste" when all is said and done, meaning that 90% of waste will be diverted from landfills through recycling, composting, and by designing out the waste.


Silver Lake Jubilee Press Release

The Jubilee collaborated with Sustain LA...to help the festival come up with waste diversion guidelines for this Zero Waste event...


Los Angeles Times - Program to help L.A. businesses go green 

She's determined to make the 4-year-old restaurant as environmentally responsible as possible, and that includes ensuring noncompliant material doesn't gum up the works at the composting facility where the bags of food scraps are headed.




I wanted to thank you again for being a part of our event! Your participation was so invaluable to us. I am not capable of finding the words to fully express my gratitude. Watching what you guys do at the end of the event was jaw-dropping to me. I am so totally blown away and humbled by your commitment to the way things should be. Working with you while leading up to the event, I had the feeling we had been sent a fairy-godmother, but I had no idea the scope of it until we really witnessed the extent of your efforts while breaking down. You (and your team) are truly angels... We are very excited that the event went so smoothly and was so well received.

Siuan McGahan, Taste of the Eastside

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